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For Professional Buyers, Simply Fill Up The Request Form With Your Spec, Our Sales Team Will Follow Up. For New Buyers, Please Read The Guidelines For Better Understanding.

(MOQ: 1-20 Rolls)

We are a large vinyl factory in China with a rich inventory of our main products. If you have a freight forwarder in China, we can offer you EXW terms. If not, we suggest you consider purchasing from our local distributors. This will save you more time and shipping costs.

(MOQ: 500-700 Rolls)

For maximum savings, choose container-based orders. We cut raw material costs, reduce production waste, and optimize shipping for bulk orders. Plus, our lead times are just 15-20 days. We’re container order experts – let us help you save time and money.

(MOQ: 20+ Containers / Year)

For high-volume buyers and repeat customers, unlock exclusive benefits by becoming our local distributor or exclusive agent. Enjoy the most competitive discounts and dedicated support from our experienced team. Our 10+ years of expertise are at your service, helping you grow your market share and maximize profits.

(MOQ: 100 Rolls)

Have a specific design or functionality in mind for your marketing materials? Simply share your ideas and desired effects with us. We’ll craft the perfect solution for your needs, starting with a competitive quote and a quality-assured sample for your approval. Our experienced team is dedicated to your satisfaction and growth, working hand-in-hand to make your vision a reality.