Let your car wear solar protection film to fight the summer

As summer approaches, temperatures increase, and despite spending most of our time working and living indoors, we still feel the heat in our cars during daily commutes.

To combat the heat, car cooling becomes a top priority for owners.

However, the vast selection of car films can leave us feeling overwhelmed.

Choosing the right quality car film is now a challenge for many drivers.

Fear not! We have simplified the experience for you. By reading and following these guidelines, we believe you will quickly overcome the issue.


How to Choose the Right Self-Adhesive Solar Sticker?


There are three crucial indicators when selecting a solar film: light transmission rate, heat insulation rate, and UV blocking rate.

The first thing to consider is the visibility of the chosen Solar Cling Sticker, which pertains to the clarity and transparency of the film.

Regardless of the film’s color, transparency must be high and not hazy, ensuring good vision while driving at night, backing up, or making turns, especially in rainy conditions.

Secondly, heat insulation should be effective.

The heat insulation rate is an important indicator of the Solar Energy Window Vinyl Sticker’s heat insulation performance.

A high-quality solar film can reflect infrared rays, keeping the car’s interior temperature much lower.

Be cautious when purchasing, as some films on the market may offer transparency but lack heat insulation.

Additionally, the UV blocking rate should be high. A high UV blocking rate efficiently prevents people inside the car from being exposed to excessive UV rays and damaging their appearance.

Equally important is the explosion-proof feature of the Solar Printed Vinyl Labels.

A quality explosion-proof film will stick to broken glass in case of shattering, preventing the fragments from scattering and causing injury.

When choosing a solar film, select a comfortable color such as green, sky blue, gray, or brown.

These natural-colored Solar UV UV-resistant vinyl films not only reduce driving fatigue but also ensure safety for car owners.


How to Determine the Quality of Solar Window Decor?


The market’s solar film quality varies, and consumers can easily be misled by salespeople into choosing counterfeit or unsafe films.

Based on our past experiences, we have summarized some methods to identify the film on the market.

Examine the texture. The film can be judged by its thickness and smoothness, with enough toughness. Inferior quality films, on the other hand, tend to be thin, soft, and prone to wrinkling.

Additionally, car owners can remove the Durable Solar Adhesive and smell for any pungent odors, which may indicate residual benzene in the adhesive layer.

After tearing off the protective plastic layer, scrape the Solar Mirror Film to see if the color comes off.

If you want to provide a layer of protection for your car on sweltering summer days while adding an eye-catching look, then solar film is an excellent investment for you.

Not only does it shield you from the summer sun, but it also protects your car from scratches, scrapes, and corrosive materials.

With cutting-edge technology and materials, AD Material offers a highly effective and user-friendly Solar Privacy Sticker for automotive films. Click here to contact us now!


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