What is Cold Lamination Film?

Nowadays, more and more printed products are susceptible to erosion and damage by rain, wind, and sand.

In order to protect printed products from damage, more printed products apply the technology of cold laminating film lamination.

Lamination is done by attaching a transparent plastic film to the surface of the printed product, and by cold pressing or hot pressing the cold lamination film and the printed product together, making it completely wrapped.

To make sure your prints are far from damage, it’s time to start protecting your precious prints with cold lamination film now!

A person placing a transparent plastic sheet over a roll of white paper.


So What is Cold Lamination Film?

1. Simply speaking, cold lamination film is a commonly used PVC material polymer protective film.

2. It is used to protect the surface of enhanced printed products, packaging boxes, books, and other items to avoid scratches on the screen and to prevent liquid contamination such as chemicals/oil, stains/rainwater to maintain the appearance and quality of the items.

3. Cold lamination film usually consists of polyester film and adhesive. It is widely used because of its many advantages such as water resistance, tear resistance, scratch resistance, etc.

4. In addition, cold lamination film protects against UV damage, thus protecting the color of the covered object from fading.

A close-up shot of a 65 inch cold laminator with a roll of white laminating film.


What are the Different Types of Cold Lamination Films?

1. As we go further, we will wonder what are the different types of cold lamination films.

2. Generally speaking, according to the different materials and applications, cold lamination films can be classified as:

(1) Polyester cold lamination film: it is the most commonly used cold lamination film and is mainly used to protect and enhance the surface of printed materials.

(2) Polyethylene cold lamination film: It is softer than polyester cold lamination film, and therefore suitable for items that need to be folded and bent.

(3) Textured cold lamination film: It has a special texture that enhances the visual effect of printed materials and makes them more appealing.


What are the differences between matte and glossy surfaces?

Besides, according to the type of cold lamination film, there are two kinds of surfaces, matte and glossy.

When choosing the type of cold lamination film according to different needs, we recommend you to read the article on The difference between matte cold lamination film and glossy cold lamination film, we hope you can get help from it.

A clear cold lamination film protector that will help keep your documents organized and protected.

A piece of A4-sized 60 micron clear cold lamination film


Choose the Best Cold Lamination Film Manufacturer

Finally, I would like to remind you that although cold lamination film has many advantages, you need to pay attention to some details in the process of using it, such as avoiding over-stretching and excessive pressure, etc.
The best results can only be achieved if the cold lamination film is used correctly.

If you need to buy some cold laminating rolls, it is recommended that you choose a professional cold laminating film manufacturer.
A high-quality cold lamination film will not only guarantee the quality and effect of the product but also provide users with a better experience and after-sales service.

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