AD6401 Refrigerator Self Adhesive Vinyl

AD6401 Refrigerator Permanent Self Adhesive Vinyl

AD6401 is a high-quality, permanently adhesive vinyl specially formulated for long-term refrigerator graphic applications. It provides a durable, cleanable solution for branding and marketing. Unlike removable vinyls, AD6401 features a very strong permanent adhesive designed for long-term adhesion. Once applied, it bonds securely and is difficult to remove without potentially damaging the surface.

Face film:  100um

Adhesive:  Clear Pemanent

Liner: 140gsm

Ink Compatibility: Eco-solvent; Solvent

Unique Features

Permanent Adhesion

Strong and long-lasting adhesion, ensures that your designs stay in place without the need for frequent reapplication.

Excellent Printability

The vinyl has a smooth gloss white surface that creates an eye-catching appearance.

Versatile Application

Suitable for restaurants, cafes, bars and other food service brands to promote logos.

Smooth application

Allow for a bubble-free application experience on clean


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Product lines

Engineered to delivery variety

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