SB9N3G2 Air Release Self Adhesive Vinyl

SB9N3G2 High Tack Air Release Self Adhesive Vinyl

SB9N3G2 is a high performance vinyl film that sticks powerfully yet peels off easily, even on tricky surfaces. Tiny air channels ensure a smooth, professional finish ideal for signs, car graphics, and more. It grips well on flat, slightly textured, and even curved surfaces.

Face film:  100um

Adhesive: Clear Removable

Liner: 120g air bubble free

Ink Compatibility:  Eco-solvent; Solvent

Unique Features

SB9N3G2 High Tack Air Release Self Adhesive Vinyl is speical for express cabinet, smart locker.

It is resistance to cold temperatures, preventing curling or lifting;

What’s more, it has high tack adhesive, removable without leaving residue, allowing for easy replacement and repositioning.

High tack adhesive

Strong initial bond holds even on textured surfaces, yet removes clean for future edits.

Air release technology

Invisible grooves guide air out, giving you a smooth, professional result.

Permanent acrylic coating

Protective acrylic coating fends off scratches and chemicals.

Easy weeding & outdoor durability

Effortless removal that leaves no residue behind. Withstand outdoor exposure.


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Product lines

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