C1000 Matte Cold Laminated Film

C1000 Matte Cold Laminated Film

C1000 Matte Cold Laminated Film is your ultimate shield for printed materials against water, sunlight, and scratches. Ideal for safeguarding advertising prints, high-volume photos, POP displays, and event signage. Protect and preserve your prints with ease and efficiency.

Face film: Monemeric 50micron

Adhesive: Clear, Permanent

Liner: 80gsm

Size: 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52*50m

Unique Features

Glossy Glow-Up

Add high-shine vibrancy to your prints. Colors pop, and details sing.

Scratch Shield

Protect your precious prints from nicks and tears. Durable shield, lasting beauty.

Water Woof

Waterproof barrier keeps your art safe and sound.

No Heat Hustle

Skip the warm-up, embrace the ease. Cold lamination, instant gratification.


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Specific Parameter
Products Name C1000 Matte Cold Laminated Film
Thickness 85±5
Tensile Strength MD (Mpa) 36
Tensile Strength CD (Mpa) 28
Elongation at Break MD (%) 240%
Elongation at Break CD (%) 320%
Shrink (mm) ≤0.5mm
Initial Adhesive (N/25mm) ≥7 (700g)
20min Peel Strength (N/25mm) ≥9.5 (950g)
24hrs Peel Strength (N/25mm) ≥14 (1400g)
Release Force (g/25mm) 4-8
Specific Parameter

Designed for long-lasting vibrancy, the C2000 Cold Lamination Film safeguards printed materials from environmental threats like water, sunlight, and scratches. Ideal for protecting advertising materials, high-volume photographic prints, POP displays, promotional displays, event signage, and more.


Minor bubbles after cold lamination? It's normal, they vanish! Acclimate materials before use for best results. High static? Keep humidity 50-60% to control dust.

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Product lines

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