TV4000 Ultra Clear Window Film

TV4000 Ultra Clear Window Film

TV4000 series Ultra Clear Film is a ultra transparent film featuring a printable polyester-based face. It is ideal for applications such as printed window graphics, glass decoration, signage, advertising promotion printing, etc. that require a removable ultra-transparent film.

Face film: 100/120/130μm

Adhesive: Clear, Removable

Liner: 75/120micron PET

Ink Compatibility: Solvent, UV, Latex

Unique Features

Crystal clarity

See-through perfection. Your view, unimpeded.

Say Goodbye to Glare

Ultra-clear film transforms your space, taming glare, safeguarding valuables, and creating a cool.

Energy Smart

Cooler summers, warmer winters. Save money, smile wider.

Clean Canvas

The perfect base for stunning window graphics. Let your creativity shine.


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Specific Parameter
Products Name TV4000 Ultra Clear Window Film
Thickness 140±20
Tensile Strength MD (Mpa) 33
Tensile Strength CD (Mpa) 32
Elongation at Break MD (%) 268%
Elongation at Break CD (%) 354%
Shrink (mm) ≤0.5mm
Initial Adhesive (N/25mm) ≥9.5 (950g)
20min Peel Strength (N/25mm) ≥9 (900g)
24hrs Peel Strength (N/25mm) ≥10 (1000g)
Release Force (g/25mm) 3-6
Shelf life

12 months

Recommend storage temperature and humidity are 15℃(59℉) to 35℃(95℉), and 20-65% RH, respectively.

Store in a cool & dry place

Do not store close to heat source or in direct sunlight

Keep material in its original packaging until ready for use


Heat or chemicals may be used during film removal from the substrate

Ink Compatibility

Heat or chemicals may be used during film removal from the substrate

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Boasting unparalleled clarity, our TV4000 series is a printable film with a polyester face. Ideal for removable applications like window graphics, glass decoration, signage, and promotional printing, where crystal-clear visuals are paramount.


Prep your windows for flawless film! Wash away dirt, grease & wax with a mild cleaner. Aim for cool temps (60°F+) and shade to avoid sticky bubbles.

Product lines

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