Alipay Project

Alipay is a premier mobile payment platform that provides convenient and secure online payment solutions, along with a diverse array of financial services.

* Challenge

As Alipay’s success in China soars, it aims to boost its global brand presence. Upgrading offline shop advertising vinyl becomes crucial for expanding market reach and enhancing brand visibility.

* Solution

Alipay strengthens its brand by updating its logo with durable vinyl materials from AD-Material. Our solution can help them enhances presence and reliability in the market. Designed to advertise anywhere to imporve brand popularity.

Window Signage Advertisment

Advertisment  Signage Project

As a top supplier of Self Adhesive Vinyl Solutions, Ad-material® offers durable, weather-resistant, and versatile products. Collaborating with Alipay, we provided our premium vinyl materials. Alipay used these to refresh logos and offline shops ads, enhancing brand visibility effectively. This partnership not only enhanced Alipay’s brand visibility but also showcased the reliability and effectiveness of our vinyl solutions in real-world applications.

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W9000S One Way Vision
EV2002R Removable Self Adhesive Vinyl

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