Huolala Project

Huolala is the biggest cargo transport brand in China. Providing a convenient and flexible solution for transporting goods and packages.

* Challenge

After establishing itself as a cost-effective logistics solution, Huolala faced increased competition and a demand for expansion. To thrive in brand-conscious consumer segments, Huolala aimed to enhance its brand perception while retaining the value appeal that made it a preferred choice.

* Solution

As a solution provider specializing in self-adhesive vinyl, our approach involves elevating Huolala’s brand image through innovative and eye-catching vinyl branding solutions. By incorporating high-quality. customizable vinyl graphics, we ensure that Huolala not only meets logistical needs but also stands out as a distinctive and memorable brand in the competitive market.

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Custom Truck Graphics Solution

We use our self adhesive vinyl help Huolala to customized their moving truck graphicsfor their business. ls this side, we help them market and outstanding their brand. Andalso leave a deep impression and better service experience for customers.

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EV2002GD Removable Gray Back Vinyl
EV3301 Removable Silver Back Vinyl
EV2002 Permanent Self Adhesive Vinyl

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