SF Express Project

SF Express is a leading express delivery company that also offers logistics and supply chain services.

* Challenge

Leading logistics provider SF Express boosts brand impact and simplifies fleet management through prominent new vehicle logos.

* Solution

AD-material®️ is a professional supplier of adhesive vinyl solutions that provides SF Express with high-quality, customizable vinyl graphics to help SF Express create a new fleet logo.

SF Express’s new fleet logo uses eye-catching colors and concise designs that fully showcase SF Express’s brand image and corporate culture. The logo features SF Express’s brand name, logo, and slogan, as well as fleet numbers for easy identification by customers and management personnel.

Vehicles Wrap And Graphics

Fleet Vehicle Transport Solution

SF Express’s new fleet logo is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has good weather resistance and wear resistance, and can maintain good performance in harsh environments.

The cooperation between SF Express and AD-material is a successful brand image enhancement initiative. SF Express’s new fleet logo not only makes SF Express’s brand image more prominent, but also provides strong support for SF Express’s fleet management.

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IG2701 High Tack Removable Container Vinyl
EV3301 Silver Back Self Adhesive Vinyl
EV2002 Permanent Self Adhesive Vinyl

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