Zoomlion Project

Zoomlion Heavy Industry is mainly engaged in developing and manufacturing major high-tech equipment in the areas of engineering industry and agricultural industry.

* Challenge

Global machinery leader Zoomlion seeks to boost brand visibility and competitiveness. AD-material delivers a cost-effective vinyl solution for impactful machine branding.

* Solution

AD-material’s custom, weatherproof vinyl graphics bring eye-catching branding to Zoomlion’s machinery, built to endure any construction challenge.

Heavy industry And Graphics

Heavy Duty Digital Graphics Solution

To help Zoomlion solve the problem of vehicle vinyl branding, we provided several solutions for Zoomlion through high-quality vinyl printing materials:

1. Vehicle stickers and signs: Design customized vinyl stickers and signs for zoomlion’s vehicles, highlighting the company’s logo, product features, and contact information, making vehicles a mobile brand promotion medium.

2. Advertising vehicle wraps: Use vinyl materials to wrap Zoomlion’s vehicles comprehensively, displaying products, services, and brand image, and attracting the attention of passers-by and other drivers.

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IG2302 Polymeric High Tack Adhesive Vinyl
IG2311 Transparent Polymeric High Tack Vinyl
V-mark V5000 5 Years Using Cutting Vinyl

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